JBB, Inc.
Just Be Beautiful, Inc. Girls Mentoring Organization
Atlanta, Georgia
Just Be Compassionate Giving-Back Campaign

Just Be Beautiful Inc. Girls Mentoring Organization

The Adopt-a-Beauty Sponsorship Campaign

Just Be Beautiful is a girls mentoring organization designed to provide effective mentoring that removes the hinderances of joy because of emotional pain, abuse and feelings of rejection. 

Our mission is to inspire young ladies to maximize their leadership potential and fulfill their destiny, by embracing a strong self-image. 

The overall objective of Just Be Beautiful, Inc is to assist females, ages 9-17, in experiencing ultimate healing and developing positive character traits. The mentoring program spans over a nine-month period. Our program begins in August and concludes in May.       




Please consider sponsoring a "JBB, Inc. young lady."  The cost to sponsor one mentee is only $95 annually (for one academic school year). 

Your generous sponsorship is tax deductible under the public charity section 501(c)(3).

Your donation covers the following: 

  • 9 Life and Social Skills Classes

  • Resource binder and materials

  • Writing utensils

  • Snacks and refreshments

  • Approved Author Resource book (topics: hygiene, bullying & self-esteem)

  • JBB, Inc. T-shirt ($12.00)

  • Daily/Weekly Journal or Diary

  • Travel size female hygiene toiletries and beauty box


Any amount is appreciated.
Thank you for your generous donation.
Questions? Please contact us at: www.facebook.com/justbebeautifulinc

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