Just Be Informed!
JBB, Inc.

Classes and Events

Beauty Is...
Orientation Class for new enrollees

Just Be Prosperous
Learning how to save, earn, spend and give

Just Be Compassionate
Community Service orientation classes and activities

Could You Be the Most Beautiful Girl in the World?
Learning how to love yourself and accentuate your natural beauty
Hair, skin, nails and body type

Just Be Smart and Intelligent
Tutoring and Homework Assistance
Just Be Loving and Nice  
Anti-bullying classes and activities

Just Be Fit  
Inner beauty workshops, overall hygiene, health, fitness, and nutrition

Beloved, You are Accepted  
Having healthy relationships with family, friends and boys

Just Be Gorgeous 
Dressing appropriately for every occasion

Just Be Organized 
Setting goals for your future; What do you want to be when you grow up?

Just Be Beautiful Annual Events

Mother-Daughter Ball
Father-Daughter Dance
Photo Shoots
Field Trips

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