JBB, Inc.
Changing The Way You See Yourself!

Our History...

Just Be Beautiful, Inc. Girls Mentoring Organization
was founded in 2005 by Rita L. McGlothin. 
The organization became incorporated as a non-profit in 2007.
Our organization is a 501(c)(3) public charity-509(a)(2).
Rita is the CEO and lead mentor
of this dynamic mentoring organization.

Ms. McGlothin was born 
and raised in Saginaw, Michigan.  
She went on to pursue a career as a teacher in Chicago, Illinois.  
It was there that the concept
of mentoring was conceived.  She was motivated by Natasha;
a student who just wanted someone to care beyond
academics and school hours.  
As she transitioned to Atlanta, Georgia, she carried the idea
of Just Be Beautiful (J.B.B) with her.  Rita's mentoring
ideas were rekindled by her fifth grade student, Stephanie.
This enthusiastic student would not allow
Rita to place J.B.B. on the shelf.
Rita McGlothin loathed the idea that many females-
school-age to college level disliked their natural beauty.  

She was on a mission to encourage
diverse groups of females:
So she created a mission, vision and goal
for a girls mentoring organization...

Our Mission

The mission of the Just Be Beautiful girls mentoring organization is to inspire young ladies to maximize their leadership potential and fulfill their destiny, by embracing a strong self-image.

Our Vision

We believe that all young ladies are born beautiful.
We believe that beauty is character and having positive character is beautiful.
Beauty comes from within and each female will discover this inner beauty that lies dormant.
It is our quest to help elevate the self-esteem of all deserving females through the media of fashion, leadership and character education.

Our Goal
To provide effective mentoring that removes the hinderances of joy because of emotional pain, abuse and feelings of rejection.

Program Objective

The overall objective of Just Be Beautiful, Inc is to assist females in experiencing ultimate healing and developing positive character traits. The mentoring program spans over a nine-month period. Our program begins in August and concludes in May. 

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